Voices of Hope

Voices of Hope’s primary focus is on the provision of crisis intervention, advocacy and prevention services for domestic violence, sexual assault, rape/spouse abuse and incest. Services are provided to victims and their families.

While the majority of the adult victims are women, all of their services except groups are provided to male victims as well. Voices of Hope provides information about these crimes for the purposes of citizen awareness and prevention and to enhance the sensitivity and professional understanding of those who may work with individuals experiencing these problems.

Also, Voices of Hope is a partner in the Violence against Women on Campus Grant with the University of Nebraska. Voices of Hope’s current programs include the following services
24-Hour Crisis Line: 402-475-7273
Groups Support
Community Education and Training

The Asian Center partners with Voices of Hope to provide culturally specific outreach to refugee and immigrant populations.  The Asian Center is providing a Chinese specialist to make referrals, be available to provide training and to generally support the project.

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