New President Election Notice

Dear LCCA Members,

Due to unforeseen technical issues encountered with the online voting system, the LCCA Board has requested a committee of LCCA advisers and consultants to evaluate and recommend an appropriate solution.  With recommendation from this committee the Board has decided to re-initiate the entire LCCA 2012 President election.

All previous votes cast by using the online system have been nullified.
Please use one of the following two methods to re-cast your vote for the 2012 LCCA President:

1. Vote in-person: You will vote when you come to the LCCA Lantern Festival Lunch Party on Feb. 11th, 12-3:30pm at Teppanyaki Grill & Sushi, 5130 North 27th Street, 68521. Please sign up at:  if you plan to
attend. The meal cost is $10 per person.  All current LCCA members are eligible to vote.

2. Vote by Email: Please write the name of the candidate of your choice and send your Email to:

LCCA members are eligible to vote only once at this election, either in-person or by Email, but not both.

The LCCA Board apologizes for your inconvenience. Please sign up for the Lantern Festival Lunch Party soon, we hope many of you are able to attend this event for the election and for fun and friendship.  Winner of the election will be announced at the lunch party.


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