LCCA Lincoln Chinese Academy – Teachers

2017 Summer School Teachers

Chunyi Coral Su – Fairy Tale Class 童话故事班

Mrs. Chun-Yi Coral Su has been teaching Chinese for over 17 years. Mrs. Su holds two Master’s degrees in Education with teacher certificate in Chinese, English Language Learner and Special Education. Mrs. Su is currently teaching at High School at LPS.
苏纯谊女士从事中文教育已有十七年之久, 拥有教育双硕士, 持有内布拉斯加州中文, 特殊教育及英语学习者教师证书. 目前任教于林肯公立高中.

Kathy Najjar – English Conversation Class for Children 英语会话儿童班

Dr. Kathy Najjar is currently an instructor at Doane University after earning her Ph.D. in Educational Administration from UNL. She also has many years of English Language Learner teaching experience, received “Outstanding Teacher Award” at Lincoln Literacy in 2016.

Jacob Stiver – Martial Arts Class 武术班

Jacob Stiver Sifu has been training Kung Fu for over 14 years. He trained contemporary wushu under Rosetta Mui focusing on nanquan (南拳) while in college. Jacob was then fortunate to find Sifu Robert Lopez, from whom he learned Hung Gar Kuen (洪家拳) and Wing Chun (咏春拳). Sifu Lopez studied Wing Chun under Augustine Fong and is a favorite student of the famous Hung Gar master Chiu Chi Ling. Jacob hopes to follow his sifu’s example by sharing Hung Gar and Wing Chun with others.

Crystal Xu – Math Challenge Class 竞赛数学班

Crystal Xu scored in top 2.5% of a total of 70,425 students worldwide at AMC 10 international math competition for 9th and 10th graders in 2016, placed 3rd in the written competition and 1st in the oral countdown at Nebraska state Mathcounts, then placed 98th overall at National Mathcounts, placed 2nd in phase 1, and placed 1st female out of all Nebraska high schools at Math Day in 2016, placed 1st at Nebraska state science bowl, placed 16th at National Science Bowl in 2014. Crystal was honored with the Shining Star (2015-2016) for ninth-grade students exemplifying outstanding characteristics.

Linda Bettis – Fun Math Class 趣味数学班

Linda Bettis received her degree in education at the University of Nebraska. Following volunteer work at an elementary school, she became employed by Lincoln Public Schools in 1991 where she continues working as a mentor for children who have unusual abilities in science and mathematics. Early in this career, Linda began directing the Kahoa Elementary School Science Fair. In the late 1990s, Linda became assistant to the Director for Strings Alliance in Lincoln Summer Strings Music Camp.

In about 2000, Linda began working with her husband at the LPS/University of Nebraska sponsored Saturday Science program. At about the same time, while mentoring Mickle Middle School students, Linda began sponsoring a competitive math club for math-talented students.

Since 1991, Linda commonly has as many as 150 students doing multiple contests and representing 15-20 different schools at all 3 competitive levels, elementary, middle, and high schools. She is an active sponsor of Lincoln students to the Nebraska State Fair Competitions. Linda is the only Lincoln middle school quiz bowl coach working recently with Irving, Lux, Mickle, and Park Middle Schools in addition to Lincoln High School and East High School.