LCCA Lincoln Chinese Academy – Teachers

2017 Sum­mer School Teach­ers

Chun­yi Coral Su — Fairy Tale Class 童话故事班

Mrs. Chun-Yi Coral Su has been teach­ing Chi­nese for over 17 years. Mrs. Su holds two Master’s degrees in Edu­ca­tion with teacher cer­tifi­cate in Chi­nese, Eng­lish Lan­guage Learn­er and Spe­cial Edu­ca­tion. Mrs. Su is cur­rent­ly teach­ing at High School at LPS.
苏纯谊女士从事中文教育已有十七年之久, 拥有教育双硕士, 持有内布拉斯加州中文, 特殊教育及英语学习者教师证书. 目前任教于林肯公立高中.

Kathy Naj­jar — Eng­lish Con­ver­sa­tion Class for Chil­dren 英语会话儿童班

Dr. Kathy Naj­jar is cur­rent­ly an instruc­tor at Doane Uni­ver­si­ty after earn­ing her Ph.D. in Edu­ca­tion­al Admin­is­tra­tion from UNL. She also has many years of Eng­lish Lan­guage Learn­er teach­ing expe­ri­ence, received “Out­stand­ing Teacher Award” at Lin­coln Lit­er­a­cy in 2016.

Jacob Stiv­er — Mar­tial Arts Class 武术班

Jacob Stiv­er Sifu has been train­ing Kung Fu for over 14 years. He trained con­tem­po­rary wushu under Roset­ta Mui focus­ing on nan­quan (南拳) while in col­lege. Jacob was then for­tu­nate to find Sifu Robert Lopez, from whom he learned Hung Gar Kuen (洪家拳) and Wing Chun (咏春拳). Sifu Lopez stud­ied Wing Chun under Augus­tine Fong and is a favorite stu­dent of the famous Hung Gar mas­ter Chiu Chi Ling. Jacob hopes to fol­low his sifu’s exam­ple by shar­ing Hung Gar and Wing Chun with oth­ers.

Crys­tal Xu — Math Chal­lenge Class 竞赛数学班

Crys­tal Xu scored in top 2.5% of a total of 70,425 stu­dents world­wide at AMC 10 inter­na­tion­al math com­pe­ti­tion for 9th and 10th graders in 2016, placed 3rd in the writ­ten com­pe­ti­tion and 1st in the oral count­down at Nebras­ka state Math­counts, then placed 98th over­all at Nation­al Math­counts, placed 2nd in phase 1, and placed 1st female out of all Nebras­ka high schools at Math Day in 2016, placed 1st at Nebras­ka state sci­ence bowl, placed 16th at Nation­al Sci­ence Bowl in 2014. Crys­tal was hon­ored with the Shin­ing Star (2015–2016) for ninth-grade stu­dents exem­pli­fy­ing out­stand­ing char­ac­ter­is­tics.

Lin­da Bet­tis — Fun Math Class 趣味数学班

Lin­da Bet­tis received her degree in edu­ca­tion at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Nebras­ka. Fol­low­ing vol­un­teer work at an ele­men­tary school, she became employed by Lin­coln Pub­lic Schools in 1991 where she con­tin­ues work­ing as a men­tor for chil­dren who have unusu­al abil­i­ties in sci­ence and math­e­mat­ics. Ear­ly in this career, Lin­da began direct­ing the Kahoa Ele­men­tary School Sci­ence Fair. In the late 1990s, Lin­da became assis­tant to the Direc­tor for Strings Alliance in Lin­coln Sum­mer Strings Music Camp.

In about 2000, Lin­da began work­ing with her hus­band at the LPS/University of Nebras­ka spon­sored Sat­ur­day Sci­ence pro­gram. At about the same time, while men­tor­ing Mick­le Mid­dle School stu­dents, Lin­da began spon­sor­ing a com­pet­i­tive math club for math-tal­ent­ed stu­dents.

Since 1991, Lin­da com­mon­ly has as many as 150 stu­dents doing mul­ti­ple con­tests and rep­re­sent­ing 15–20 dif­fer­ent schools at all 3 com­pet­i­tive lev­els, ele­men­tary, mid­dle, and high schools. She is an active spon­sor of Lin­coln stu­dents to the Nebras­ka State Fair Com­pe­ti­tions. Lin­da is the only Lin­coln mid­dle school quiz bowl coach work­ing recent­ly with Irv­ing, Lux, Mick­le, and Park Mid­dle Schools in addi­tion to Lin­coln High School and East High School.