Lincoln Chinese Academy – Let’s Draw Together & Public Information Meeting

Please mark your calendar for the upcoming events of Lincoln Chinese Academy!

1) Let’s Draw Together – Designing the School Logo and Mascot

Have you worried where to spend the time as LPS has this Friday off? Come to join our “Let’s Draw Together” event this Friday, April 14, from 1 to 3pm at city library Walt branch, meeting room #2 as designing the school logo and mascot for LCCA Lincoln Chinese Academy. We would like to invite everyone who likes to draw. Any age is welcome. Parents can encourage students use their imaginations of incorporating their own Chinese learning experiences into the design. You may submit the completed work on Friday. We will prepare markers and white paper at the site, yet please remember to bring your own personal art tools if you have any. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday. Thank you.

Time: 1pm – 3pm on April 14
Location: Bess Dodson Walt Branch Library, 6701 S 14th St, Lincoln, NE 68512

星期五LPS放假,烦恼着带孩子去哪吗?为了响应华协中文学校徵校训,徵校徽,徵吉祥物的活动,我们於星期五April 14, 下午一点到三点, 在市立图书馆Walt branch, 二号会议室,meeting room#2, 有个”我们一起画”的活动,诚挚地欢迎想要一起涂鸦的大人,小孩们来参加。请爸爸妈妈鼓励孩子结合中文学校的意义和经历,可以预先构思,鼓励孩子的创造想象力,也可以在家练习草图,周五提交正式作品。家长孩子们一起说说,笑笑,画画。会场会为您准备好彩笔及白纸。如您有专业的画具,还烦请您自己带上。感谢您!

2) LCA Public Information Meeting

LCCA Lincoln Chinese Academy has been long expected by the communities. LCA is holding a public information meeting on May 7, Sunday, 3pm at Charles H. Gere Branch Library. We are inviting everyone to attend the meeting celebrating the birth of Lincoln Chinese Academy.
As we are anxiously waiting the meeting day to approach, there are some fun warm-up activities to participate. First of all, we are inviting everyone to think of a mission statement for Lincoln Chinese Academy giving the wishes to our next generation. Secondly, we are inviting those who like draw to design the school logo and mascot for LCA.

Please submit your works to by April 22. We will gather all the submissions and post them on LCCA website for the public to vote from April 26 to May 5. At the public information meeting on May 7 we will be excitingly reveal the winners.

Are you READY?

Time: 3pm on May 7
Location: Charles H. Gere Branch Library, 2400 S 56th St, Lincoln, NE 68506

请您把您宝贵的好点子,於四月二十二日以前传到华协的邮箱 我们将会把大家提供的校训及美术作品汇总起来,於四月二十六日至五月五日在华协网站上进行公开投票。我们将在五月七日学校说明会上为大家揭晓华协中文学校的校训,校徽及吉祥物。



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