LCCA Upcoming Events

Dear all friends,
Please check out our list of upcom­ing events below.
1. Chi­nese Com­mu­ni­ty Health Dis­cus­sion
Date: May 15th, Sun­day from 2pm — 3:30pm
Loca­tion: Asian Cen­ter, 2637 O Street, Ste A, Lin­coln, NE
LCCA and Nebras­ka Depart­ment of Health & Human Ser­vices sched­ule a com­mu­ni­ty meet­ing to assess needs among the Chi­nese pop­u­la­tions in Nebras­ka. This event is free and open to pub­lic, we are pleased to invite you to attend the meet­ing!
DHHS will guide the audi­ence through ques­tions to help us point at self-iden­ti­fied needs. The ques­tions are strong­ly con­nect­ed to health sta­tus but some tar­get social deter­mi­nants as well. We (DHHS) will have a pow­er point pre­sen­ta­tion and take notes to be able to elab­o­rate a report intend­ing to use this infor­ma­tion to share with orga­ni­za­tions and part­ners, but also we want this results to help us guide future activ­i­ties with­in our office.
2. Camp Cul­ture
Date: May 25th, Wednes­day from 8:30am — 10:15am
Loca­tion: Asian Cen­ter, 2637 O Street, Ste A, Lin­coln, NE
As part of the Camp Cul­ture, LCCA and UNL-CI will present a short activ­i­ty to intro­duce Chi­nese cul­ture, a folk­tale that chil­dren would find inter­est­ing, and a dance to teach the campers.
3. Drag­on Boat Fes­ti­val Potluck
Date: June 11th, Sat­ur­day from 12:00pm — 3:00pm
Loca­tion: Holmes Lake Park Mas­ter Table #2
Please mark your cal­en­dar for our annu­al Drag­on Boat Fes­ti­val potluck. We have planned many activ­i­ties for chil­dren as well as for adults for this event. The biggest ones will be Canoe Race. The rules for the race will be announced at the potluck. So please bring your lawn chairs and pic­nic blan­kets and have some out­door fun with your friends.
Since it is a potluck par­ty, we would like each fam­i­ly to bring two dish­es and each indi­vid­ual to bring one dish. LCCA will pro­vide drinks, sil­ver­ware and some addi­tion­al food. Mem­ber­ship renew­al will also be avail­able at the event.
We look for­ward to see­ing you and your fam­i­ly at the par­ty!
4. Ping Pong Games
Date: TBD
LCCA Club is plan­ning a series of Ping­pong games in the near future. Join us please and enjoy the Ping Pong fun! To reg­is­ter, please email us asap at>
5. Gar­den­ing Lec­ture
Date: TBD
Sum­mer is com­ing! LCCA Club will host a lec­ture on the top­ic of Gar­den Crops Issues. Have a plant ques­tion? Our experts have answers! To attend the meet­ing and learn from prac­ti­cal gar­den­ing tips, please reg­is­ter at>
Sur­vey: LCCA Anony­mous Sur­vey will keep live, and your respons­es will play a vital role in help­ing us shape the pro­grams pro­vid­ed by LCCA
WeChat (微信): For WeChat users, wel­come to join our Lin­coln Chi­nese Group (林肯华人群)! Please email us at lcca@live> or ask your friend who is already in the group to send invi­ta­tion! Event notices are always shared in the group.
Event Cal­en­dar: LCCA offers a wide range of events. Use event cal­en­dar to find the per­fect activ­i­ty for your time:
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