LCCA – Looking Back at Our History


In 2002, a group of Lin­coln res­i­dents with Chi­nese eth­nic­i­ty rec­og­nized that the city has reached a siz­able pop­u­la­tion of Chi­nese res­i­dents and the tim­ing was right to cre­ate an orga­ni­za­tion to pro­mote and cel­e­brate their Chi­nese her­itage.? This group includ­ed aca­d­e­m­ic, busi­ness and com­mu­ni­ty lead­ers.? The core group had a pas­sion for com­mu­ni­ty ser­vice and a love of the Chi­nese cul­ture.? After many meet­ings a char­ter for the orga­ni­za­tion was for­mal­ized and the Lin­coln Chi­nese and Cul­tur­al Asso­ci­a­tion (LCCA) offi­cial­ly launched on?January 21st, 2002.

Over the past ten years the lead­er­ship of LCCA has sus­tained the orga­ni­za­tion well through the con­stant pro­mo­tion of Chi­nese cul­ture.? LCCA has ben­e­fit­ed from the sta­bil­i­ty of this lead­er­ship group and the con­tin­ued sup­port of its mem­ber­ship.? In 2012, as the LCCA cel­e­brates its 10thanniver­sary, it achieved a fur­ther mile­stone by offi­cial­ly reg­is­ter­ing as a 501© 3 non-prof­it orga­ni­za­tion to bet­ter serve its mis­sion.

2002年,一群在內布拉斯加州林肯市的華人意識到,這城市的華裔人數斐然達到了一定的規模,正是創建一個服務性組織來促進和發揚中國傳統文化的大好時機。這一群人中包括了學術界,商業界和林肯社區的佼佼者,他們都帶著為社區服務的熱誠和充滿了對中國文化的熱枕。在經過多次會議和及組織章程的制定後,林肯華人文化協會(LCCA)于 2002年1月21日正式成立。

在過去的十年裡,LCCA 得益於穩健的領導群及會員們的熱心支持一直不斷的為推廣中國文化這個目標而努力。今年正值組織慶祝成立10週年之際,LCCA更實現了一個重要的里程碑 — 正式登記成為了一個501(c)3非營利組織以便能夠更好地履行組織使命。

LCCA Founders & Pres­i­dents

One of the founders of LCCA

Charles Wood, the Lewis Lehr/3M Uni­ver­si­ty Pro­fes­sor of Bio­log­i­cal Sci­ences and Bio­chem­istry at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Nebras­ka-Lin­coln. He is the found­ing direc­tor of the Nebras­ka Cen­ter for Virol­o­gy. Wood earned his Ph.D. in Micro­bi­ol­o­gy from Colum­bia Uni­ver­si­ty. Wood also served as group leader/staff sci­en­tist at Abbott Labs, where he was on the team that devel­oped the first HIV test that was approved for world­wide use. He joined the micro­bi­ol­o­gy fac­ul­ty of the Uni­ver­si­ty of Kansas in 1985, became asso­ciate pro­fes­sor in 1989. In 1992 Wood became the Direc­tor of the Divi­sion of Neu­rovi­rol­o­gy at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Mia­mi, a posi­tion he held until join­ing the UNL fac­ul­ty in 1996. Wood’s wide-rang­ing research inter­ests include stud­ies of HIV and human her­pesvirus patho­gen­e­sis and trans­mis­sion from moth­ers to infants, the evo­lu­tion of HIV, HIV encephali­tis and pedi­atric HIV. He also estab­lished and directs the NIH-fund­ed Fog­a­r­ty Inter­na­tion­al Train­ing Pro­gram in HIV/AIDS Malig­nan­cies, which pro­vides train­ing for Zam­bian and Chi­nese bio­med­ical sci­en­tists to increase their exper­tise in per­form­ing bio­med­ical, behav­ioral and pre­ven­ta­tive research on HIV- and AIDS-asso­ci­at­ed malig­nan­cies. He has been active in the Lin­coln com­mu­ni­ty and has also served on the board of the Lin­coln Asian Com­mu­ni­ty and Cul­ture Cen­ter

Pro­fes­sor Emeritus,?Professor of Library Infor­ma­tion Technology?has worked as the pub­lic ser­vices librar­i­an at Nebras­ka Wes­leyan Uni­ver­si­ty since 1979 and has taught library sci­ence for 16 years. She was the pres­i­dent of the Lin­coln Chi­nese Cul­tur­al Asso­ci­a­tion (LCCA).

David Chen is a grad­u­ate mechan­i­cal engi­neer from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Nebras­ka.? He is an active mem­ber of LCCA. David served as the pres­i­dent of LCCA from? 2007 to 2009. He is active­ly involved in the pro­mo­tion ?of Chi­nese cul­ture espe­cial­ly in the Clas­si­cal Chi­nese Music. David is the Vice Pres­i­dent of Glob­al Sourc­ing at Speed­way Motors where is respon­si­ble for the devel­op­ment ?of man­u­fac­tur­ers in Chi­na and oth­er Asian coun­tries to fab­ri­cate parts designed by US com­pa­nies.? He is also active in pro­mot­ing Nebras­ka prod­uct for over­seas mar­ket.? Recent­ly David joined the Gov­er­nor of Nebras­ka Mr. Dave Heine­man for a suc­cess­ful Trade Mis­sion to Chi­na. David was the founder and pres­i­dent of a com­pa­ny that spe­cial­ize in the? design and fab­ri­ca­tion of com­pos­ite prod­ucts for the defense indus­try. For the past 25 years David has served at dif­fer­ent posi­tions for a sev­er­al com­pa­nies as engi­neer, senior engi­neer, pro­gram man­ag­er and Direc­tor of Mar­ket­ing. ?He was respon­si­ble for the design and devel­op­ment of many com­pos­ite relat­ed sys­tems. David has two chil­dren.? Emi­ly is work­ing in New York and Philip is com­plet­ing his PhD pro­gram? at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Min­neso­ta.
JueYeZi(Rebecca) Z. Rein­hardt , curent Pres­i­dent of LCCA.? She was one of the founders?of LCCA and served LCCA for 10 years. She also?set up?the first Chi­nese Radio pro­gram in Nebras­ka and worked for KZUM radio station?as a pro­gramer for 8? years. JueYeZi(Rebecca) Z. Rein­hardt worked at Lin­coln Asian Com­mu­ni­ty Cen­ter for 3 years and was involved in so many cul­tur­al events. 10 out of the last 14?years,?she has direct­ed the CSSA new year?celebration and helped to pro­mote the Chi­nese Cul­ture.


As a com­mu­ni­ty orga­ni­za­tion the LCCA rou­tine­ly holds Chi­nese fes­ti­vals relat­ed activ­i­ties such as the Lantern Fes­ti­val Lun­cheon, the Drag­on Boat Fes­ti­val Pic­nic and canoe race and, the Mid-Autumn Moon Cake Cel­e­bra­tion, etc. In addi­tion, the LCCA has held many fun com­pe­ti­tions such as the karaoke singing com­pe­ti­tions, children’s tal­ent com­pe­ti­tions, and more recent­ly the Chi­nese cui­sine com­pe­ti­tion.


From these activ­i­ties, oth­er inter­est groups with­in the LCCA also began to meet on a reg­u­lar basis for the ben­e­fit of the membership.?Earlier on, groups such as the Chi­nese Lan­guage, Women’s and the Chi­nese Clas­si­cal Music clubs were formed. The Clas­si­cal Music Group most notably per­formed pub­licly in Lin­coln, includ­ing a well pub­li­cized joint con­cert with Guzheng vir­tu­oso Mary Li Ma.

從這些活動中,LCCA另萌生了一些會員俱樂部,如早期的國語會話班, 婦女會和中國古典音樂團,這些小組的成員都會定期聚會或組織一些活動和演出。國樂團在林肯並有過一些很精彩的演出,其中包括了與知名的古箏演奏家李馬麗女士聯合舉辦的公開演奏會。

As a leader in pro­mot­ing Chi­nese cul­ture and art, the LCCA has orga­nized exhi­bi­tions and pre­sen­ta­tions on many occa­sions. Sev­er­al in con­junc­tion with the UNL Lentz Cen­ter to show­case Chi­nese arti­facts, cal­lig­ra­phy and pho­tog­ra­phy, and one with the Hay­mar­ket Burk­hold­er Gallery on Chi­nese paint­ings. As patrons of the arts, LCCA has also sup­port­ed group atten­dance for Chi­nese per­for­mances at the Lied Cen­ter such as the Shao-Lin War­riors, the Bei­jing Mod­ern Dance Troupe and the Chi­nese Acro­bats.

作為致力於促進中國文化和藝術的推動者,LCCA多次舉辦相關演說和展覽。其中包括一些與 UNL Lentz Center合辦的展覽,陳列了諸多中國藝術品,書法和攝影;及一次別開生面的中國書畫展也曾經在Haymarket的Burkholder Gallery特別展出。LCCA還多次籌劃了為會員們能優惠購買團體票以觀賞在Lied Center演出的少林武僧,北京現代舞團和中國雜技團的公演。

For its com­mu­ni­ty mem­bers the LCCA often put togeth­er inter­est­ing class­es and use­ful pro­fes­sion­al pan­el dis­cus­sions. Class­es such as Tai Chi exer­cise, the Ball Room Danc­ing class­es and Golf class­es had proven to be pop­u­lar. Pan­el dis­cus­sion sem­i­nars on job inter­view skills for new grad­u­ates, and Senior Club life adjust­ment skills for vis­it­ing par­ents of mem­bers were also prac­ti­cal and well received.



Since its incep­tion the LCCA was for­tu­nate to have many sup­port­ing part­ner orga­ni­za­tions, includ­ing a sym­bi­ot­ic rela­tion­ship with the Chi­nese Stu­dent and Schol­ar Asso­ci­a­tion (CSSA) of the Uni­ver­si­ty of Nebras­ka-Lin­coln, and a spe­cial rela­tion­ship from UNL’s Con­fu­cius Insti­tute espe­cial­ly in resources support.?As well, the LCCA enjoys a close rela­tion­ship with Lincoln’s Asian Com­mu­ni­ty and Cul­tur­al Cen­ter (ACCC), and the Fam­i­lies with Chil­dren from Chi­na group. And as Chi­nese pop­u­la­tion grow in oth­er cities in Nebras­ka, the LCCA has spurned inter­est and encour­aged the cre­ation of sis­ter orga­ni­za­tions such as the Oma­ha Chi­nese Cul­tur­al Asso­ci­a­tion (OCCA).

自成立以來,LCCA有幸能夠有許多不斷提供支持和幫助的夥伴組織,從存在互助互惠關係的內布拉斯加州大學- 林肯校區的中國學生學者協會(CSSA),到在資源方面提供大量支持和財務幫助以辦好活動的UNL孔子學院,和有著緊密聯繫的林肯亞裔社區文化中心(ACCC),及中國孩童領養家庭組織。另外, 隨著華人在內布拉斯加州其他城市的增長,LCCA還激勵與贊助了其他姐妹組織的成立,如奧馬哈華人文化協會(OCCA)。


Con­fu­cius Insti­tute Greet­ing
CSSA Greet­ing
OCCA Greet­ing
ACCC Greet­ing

Thanks to the lead­er­ship of LCCA com­mit­tee, the sup­port­ing mem­bers and part­ners, the LCCA has been high­ly active in pro­mot­ing Chi­nese cul­ture in the Lin­coln com­mu­ni­ty and is poised for the next ten years!

承蒙多位創辦人多年來不遺餘力的為LCCA作出貢獻, 並感謝會員們一直以來的支持及夥伴組織們的鼎力相助,LCCA下一個十年將會更精彩。