LCCA Fundraising for Lincoln Chinese Academy & Education Programs

Over the past fifteen years, Lincoln Chinese Cultural Association has been dedicated to promoting Chinese culture and providing a variety of community services. To ensure quality education of Chinese language and introduce Chinese culture to the communities, LCCA has established a Chinese school, Lincoln Chinese Academy. By combining the local Chinese community and resources, we believe we can create an education program with the highest quality possible for the community.

Lincoln Chinese Academy is offering six levels of Chinese language classes from Level 1/First Grade to Level 6/Six Grade and above. The levels are decided by the language proficiency, yet also take the age of the student into consideration. In order to better serve the Chinese visiting scholars, LCA also offers English classes for the children of the visiting scholars helping the children with a smooth transition to the English-speaking schools. Learning a language is not only just about the language itself, but also the culture around it. Therefore, in addition to the regular language lessons, there are several enrichment classes, such as chess, dance, singing, art, and calligraphy etc.

Lincoln Chinese Academy, as well as other cultural and educational programs, is largely supported by donor contributions. LCCA welcomes the donation of all sizes to close the gap between tight budget and the program’s needs. Your contribution will directly impact the experience of our services to the communities. Because of you, LCCA has made the greatest community service possible. For that, we offer our sincere thanks!

Please check out our kids’ design of School Logo and Mascot at

LCCA is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible. We have three ways to donate. Please refer to


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