LCCA 10th Anniversary and Chinese Food Festival and Contest

The annual Chinese Culture Festival organized by the UNL Confucius Institute will kick off soon. To celebrate the Lincoln Chinese Cultural Association (LCCA) tenth anniversary, LCCA will hold a celebration and the second annual Chinese Cuisine Cooking Contest during this cultural festival. We warmly welcome all Lincoln Chinese cuisine lovers and culinary experts participate in this event.

During the event, we will play slides made for LCCA tenth anniversary celebration. Through the precious images and stories from LCCA past events, you will better understand and appreciate how LCCA has developed from its establishment to its current stage.

After the slide show, Lincoln Chinese Music club will present a fine concert as part of the celebration. Chinese Folk music will be interpreted to its perfection with your hometown sensation.

The Second Annual Chinese Cuisine contest will be another highlight of the event. Content of the dishes are not restricted, as long as it is your best and willing to share with others, you can participate.

We will set up multiple categories of awards to encourage participation, contribution and excellence. The judge panel will be formed by local Chinese culinary experts and food experts. We will also set up a ballot box, giving each guest the opportunity to vote on their favorite dishes.

UNL Confucius Institute will sponsor the contest. Chinese Students & Scholars Association (CSSA) will co-organize the event. Several local Chinese restaurants will donate food for this event.



中华美食爱好者和 烹饪高手翘首以待的美食大赛也将是当天活动的重头好戏。所有参赛佳肴,内容形式不限,只要是您最拿手,最愿意与别人分享的,都可以拿来参赛。大赛评审团将由本地烹调能手,美食专家组成。我们还将设置多类奖项,以此鼓励参赛者的积极性,创造性和参与性。同时我们还将设立一个投票箱,让每一位来宾有机会为自己喜爱的佳肴投上一票。


Event Information (活动细节)

Date (日期): 09/30/2012
Time (时间): 3:00pm ~ 6:30pm
Location (地点): UNL Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center Room 212


Tenth Anniversary Celebration (十周年庆典)

Concert (小型音乐会)

Food Judging and Award (食品评比,颁奖)

Food Tasting and Social (食品品尝,社交)

Award Assessment Project

Best Dishes – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place
Best Pastries – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place
Creativity Award – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place
My favorite food – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place
Special Contribution Award – Serveral

Special Items and Event Arrangement:

  1. Admission for this event is $5 per person. Children age 5 and under are free. Please pay at the door. Participants and three family members get free admission.
  2. Participating food items must be finished and are ready to eat, and are enough for at least 20 people to taste.
  3. All participating food items must have a recipe written in both Chinese and English, which includes food raw materials, spices, measurement, and cooking time and temperature.
  4. All contest participants shall carefully read Nebraska Department of Agriculture’s food safety and handling regulations, which can be found online at Food is not for sale at this event.
  5. Guests can vote for your favorite items after the judges finishing the assessment.


  1. 所有来宾除五岁以下免费外, 一律五元/人;
  2. 参赛食品必须是已经制作好的成品, 并需提供至少20人品尝的份量, 其中参赛者及3位家人可免费入场;
  3. 所有参赛食品必须附带一份中英文食品制作方法, 其中包括食品原料, 成份, 调料, 份量以及制作时所需时间和温度;
  4. 所有参赛者都比须认真查阅 网上有关Food Division 的操作程序及规定。所有参赛及赞助食品严禁对外销售。这是内布拉斯加州农业部食品监管部门对本次大赛提出的要求;
  5. 来宾在评委评定完参赛食品后, 可以自由品尝并在活动指定的投票箱投票选出您最喜爱的食品;

Evaluation Criteria:

Food quantity – 30 (Enough for 20 people to Taste)
Food quality – 30 (Including health and nutrition facts)
Presentation and taste – 20
Uniqueness – 10
Recipe (in both English and Chinese) -10


食品份量 — 30分(可供20人左右品尝)
食品质量 — 30分 (包括 容是否健康营养)
食品做工及味道 —20分
食品特色 — 10分

Name (姓名)*

Email (邮箱地址)*

Phone (联系电话)*

Dish name (菜名)

Category (菜的种类)*

Number of People (随同人数)*