2015 Chinese Food Festival and Cooking Contest

To celebrate the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival LCCA will hold the annual Chinese Food Festival and Cooking Contest on September 26th (Saturday) from 5:00pm to 8:00pm at the UNL City Campus Union Regency Room. The theme for this year is “moon”. This event is sponsored by the Confucius Institute. It is free to all LCCA members and contestants. There will be Chinese food from local Chinese restaurants, moon cakes and a Chinese Music Concert presented by the Lincoln Chinese Cultural Music Group.

The members of the Chinese Cultural Music Group are a group of professionals and students who love to play Chinese Music Instruments and love to share the music with the public. They will play music with GuZhen (古筝), GuQin (古琴), UrHu (二胡),Chinese Flute (笛子), Hulusi (葫芦丝) and PiPa (琵琶)。They can also provide music lessons for interested individuals.

To register as a contestant, please send an email to with your name and dish name.

Here are the rules for this event –

1. Admission for this event is free for LCCA members and contestant, and $5 for non members and $2 non member children five years and younger

2. Awards and prizes for winning dishes (all prizes are gift certificate to a local Chinese restaurant):

Entree 主菜: (1) 1st place ($40), (1) 2nd place ($30), (2) 3rd place ($20 each) (Selected by judges)

Dessert/Pastry 甜点/面食: (1) 1st place ($40), (1) 2nd place ($30), (2) 3rd place ($20 each) (Selected by judges)

Popular dish: (1) Most Popular ($30), (5) Popular ($10 each) (Voted by all event participants)

This event is sponsored by UNL Confucius Institute. LCCA deeply appreciates CI’s continuous support.

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