Chinese Community Health Discussion

LCCA and Nebras­ka Depart­ment of Health & Human Ser­vices sched­uled a com­mu­ni­ty meet­ing to assess needs among the Chi­nese pop­u­la­tions in Nebras­ka.

DHHS guid­ed the audi­ence through ques­tions to help us point at self-iden­ti­fied needs. The ques­tions are strong­ly con­nect­ed to health sta­tus but some tar­get social deter­mi­nants as well. DHHS had a pow­er point pre­sen­ta­tion and took notes to be able to elab­o­rate a report intend­ing to use this infor­ma­tion to share with orga­ni­za­tions and part­ners, but also use the results to help guide future activ­i­ties with­in DHHS.








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