Big sucess for Lantern Festival

Dear Friends,

Lantern festivalThank you all for the great job you have done so well to make our event suc­cess­ful.  A lot of our mem­bers real­ly enjoyed our Lun­tern Fes­ti­val Par­ty.   Espe­cial­ly sence it attract­ed many youger peo­ple and new mem­bers.  I, myself was deeply impressed by their youth­ful ener­gy.

XiaoGuan and XiaoDong, thank you for your deli­cious food that you pro­vid­ed and we had many com­ply­ments for it.   You are great friends for LCCA.  Please pass on our deep appre­ci­a­tion to the chef and the wait­ress­es.

Please check our Gallery for lantern fes­ti­val pho­tos.

Let con­serve strength and store up ener­gy and greet our next event!


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