Board and Committee Members


LCCA Board of Directors

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LCCA BoardThe existence and success of LCCA can not be sustained without LCCA board. The board organizes all LCCA events and outreaches in greater Lincoln communities. Please contact LCCA at <> if you have questions or suggestions.

Board of Directors

PresidentShuai Xie (解帅)
Vice PresidentAichin Burns (黃愛琴)
TreasurerJianing Sun (孙佳宁)
SecretaryChun Feng (冯春)
DirectorFang Xu (徐放)
DirectorHaichuan Wang (王海川)
DirectorJiangang Xia (夏建刚)

Advisory Committee

LCCA AdvisorListed below are LCCA advisors, who had served on LCCA board and are long-term Lincoln residents. They are willing to share their experiences, and provide advise and resources to LCCA.

David Chen
Steve Wang
Ping He
Yezi Reinhardt
Wen Zhao
Ralene Cheng

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