2016 Lantern Festival Celebration

LCCA is pleased to announce that a lunch party will be held on February 27th (Saturday) from 11:30am at the Imperial Palace Chinese restaurant (located at 701 N 27th St) to celebrate the Lantern Festival… The restaurant will prepare special authentic Chinese food. Plus, we will have games and Chinese traditional performances. This event is open to public.

We will accept payment for 2016 LCCA membership at the event. The annual membership fee is $20 for a family and $10 for an individual. By paying the membership fee, you will be helping LCCA to pay for the cost of each LCCA event. In addition, you will receive a membership card that can be used for 10% discount (pay by cash) to the following local Chinese restaurants:

1, Imperial Palace: 701 North 27th Street, Lincoln, NE
2, Mr.Hui’s: 3255 Cornhusker Hwy, Suite B6, Lincoln, NE
3, Asian Buffet: 5130 North 27th Street, Lincoln, NE
4, Mr.Hui’s 2: 4131 Pioneer Woods Dr, Suite 102, Lincoln, NE
5, Thai Garden Restaurant: 245 North 13th Street, Lincoln, NE
6, Asian Fusion: 2840 Jamie Ln, Lincoln, NE

Another benefit for the 2016 membership is that Confucius Institute will sponsor each family with $20 and each individual with $10 toward the total cost at the event. The cost for the meal is $15 per adult and $5 per child age 5 to 12.

Total Fees (m is # of adults, n is # of kids):
a) 2016 New Members: $15 x m + $5 x n + $20 (membership fee) – $20 (membership discount) = $15 x m + $5 x n
b) For Non-Members: $15 x m + $5 x n

And remember – donations to LCCA are eligible for tax deduction…..

Important — Please sign up for this event by simply email to lcca@live.com indicating number of people attending (adult & kid) by Feb 24th on Wednesday. It is very important to sign up so that we can order proper amount of food.

Thanks to everyone for your support to LCCA, and thanks to UNL Confucius Institute for continuing financial support to this event!

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