2012 Chinese Food Festival and Contest

Dear LCCA members and friends,

The annual Chinese Culture Festival sponsored by the UNL Confucius Institute will be launched soon. As part of the celebration and to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Lincoln Chinese Cultural Association (LCCA), LCCA will organize a Chinese Food Festival and Contest on

Date: 09/30/2012
Time: 3:00pm ~ 6:30pm
Location: UNL Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center Room 212 (1505 S Street, east side of Union)

We cordially invite all Lincoln Chinese families, Chinese food lovers and experts to participate in this event.

As of last year’s event, entries for the contest can be both hot and cold dishes and pastries.  Whether it is traditional cooking, or is innovative, as long as you are proud to be given prominence, it is in line with contest requirements. The food contest judge panel will be formed by amateur cooking masters from our LCCA families and professional cooks from our Lincoln community. There will be numerous awards to encourage participation and creativity of the participants. We also will set up a voting box, so that contesters and visitors also have the opportunity to cast votes for their favorite dishes.

Pictures and stories of past LCCA events will be displayed at the same time. You will have the opportunity to learn more about the LCCA history and how it has grown in the last 10 years. While enjoying the food, you will feel a strong friendship and pride of Chinese culture.

This event is sponsored by the UNL Confucius Institute. Move details about this event will be revealed in the coming weeks; but first thing’s first, please sign up today to join the contest. It is a great way to show your cooking talent!

Nice day starting from the food! We look forward to your participation and wish you success! A Chinese version of this announcement is attached for your convenience.


Lincoln Chinese Cultural Association (LCCA)
UNL Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)

Application for this event starts now until September 15. 

Application form (报名表格):

Name (姓名)*

Email (邮箱地址)*

Phone (联系电话)*

Dish name (菜名)

Category (菜的种类)*

Number of People (随同人数)*



一年一度由UNL孔子学院牵头的中国文化节系列活动即将拉开序幕。 为了配合此次活动以及庆祝林肯华人文化协会(LCCA)成立10周年,LCCA将于9月30日举办2012林肯中华美食节暨食品大赛。具体时间和地点将在两周后公布。 我们热枕欢迎林肯所有华人家庭, 中华美食爱好者及烹饪高手积极参加这一 美食盛事。






大赛的具体要求及细则我们将于九月初对外发布, 请届时查收您的邮件或上LCCA网站查询。

美好的一天从美食开始! 我们期待您的参与并预祝您成功!

UNL中国学生学者联谊会 (CSSA)

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