Welcome to Lincoln Chinese Cultural Association

The Lincoln Chinese Cultural Association (LCCA) is a non-profit organization in Lincoln Nebraska. It is committed to providing social, civic and community educational services to its members and the broader Lincoln community. It strives to promote Chinese cultural heritage and mutual understanding among all races and ethnic groups in the community.

Join LCCA! Our events are largely supported by membership fees, $20 for a family membership and $10 for an individual. We also welcome donations, which are tax deductible. Membership fee and donations can be mailed to LCCA, 9305 Ravenwood Lane, Lincoln, NE 68526 along with your name, home address and email.

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Starry Night Christmas Tree Festival

Invited by People City Mission, LCCA will participate in the Starry Night Christmas Tree Festival. There will be programs performing by students from Lincoln Chinese Academy. “A family, friendly event to benefit the People’s City Mission. There will be designer-decorated Christmas trees, pictures with Santa, free Holiday Treats, Children’s Workshops, and Live Entertainment. Mobile bid on trees, purchase wreaths, centerpieces, and raffle tickets!” by PCM.

Lincoln Chinese Academy show time: 2:45pm – 3:00pm on Saturday, 11/25/2017

林肯华协中文学校应People City Mission邀请, 将参加11月25日星期六Starry Night Christmas Tree Festival, 整个活动从这天早上9点一直到晚上8点. 华协中文学校表演的时间是下午2:45-3点. 欢迎大家踊跃参与, 为表演的学生们加油!
门票为每人$5, 家庭pass$20, 两岁以下儿童免费. 再次欢迎大家的参与, 并预祝您感恩节快乐!

More Info: https://pcmlincoln.org/starry-nights/

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Parenting Education Discussion

Parenting Education Discussion

Topics: Self-regulation, Parent-child Relationship, and Emotional Development of the Child.

The discussion speaker is Dr. Wen Zhao. Dr. Zhao specializes in child development and early childhood education field. She has extensive professional experiences in teaching and training both in the US and in China. She currently is Chief Quality Officer in OneSky (previously Half the Sky) Foundation. Dr. Zhao will lead the discussion using her personal and professional experiences with Chinese parents on parenting concerns and questions. Please prepare your questions and bring them to the discussion session.


话题范围: 儿童自律, 亲子关系, 积极情绪的培养

座谈专家: 赵雯博士. 赵雯博士是Child Development and Early childhood Education方面的专家, 从事过多年的儿童教育工作, 现任美国“半边天”儿童基金会的专业发展总监. 赵雯博士将结合她的专业知识及经验, 来与我们一起探讨教育子女过程中遇到的疑惑和问题. 请家长们提前准备下您希望探讨的话题.

感谢赵博士, 也期待大家的分享!

时间 Time: 3:00 pm on 11/12/2017
地点 Location: Lincoln Chinese Academy, 1333 N 33rd St, Lincoln, NE

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Teacher Development at Lincoln Chinese Academy

This gallery contains 4 photos.

Teachers at Lincoln Chinese Academy maintain regular professional discussions and exchange teaching ideas among them. Teacher Advisory committee provides on-the job training and assessment for all the teachers to improve their teaching skills.

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LCCA Chorus

A new session of LCCA Chorus will be held weekly on Sundays. The session covers vocal exercise, singing, choral training, etc. The song, “The Memory in the Drizzle”, will be practiced on Oct 22nd. Please print and bring the lyrics to the practice.

The instructor, Ms. Yanqiu Xu, is a vocal music teacher in a university in China, who has studied aboard at Gnessin Academy of Music. Ms.Xu has been teaching vocal music for nearly fifteen years, with extensive teaching and performance experience.

华协合唱团新一期的练唱, 将于10月22日(周日)开始, 欢迎对合唱有兴趣的人士加入. 学习内容包含发声练习, 歌曲演唱, 合唱训练等. 本期曲目<小雨中的回憶>, 参加合唱课的朋友请打印歌谱.

指导老师: 徐艳秋, 中国高校音乐学院声乐教师, 曾赴格涅辛音乐学院访问留学, 至今从教近15年, 有丰富的教学和表演经验.

Time: Every Sundays, 1:00-2:00pm
Location: The Sanctuary Room, 1333 N 33rd St, Lincoln, NE

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Grand Opening Ceremony of LCCA Lincoln Chinese Academy

LCCA Lincoln Chinese Academy celebrated its grand opening ceremony on Oct.8, 2017. Many community leaders and university professors attended this event as well as parents and students. The program consisted of opening lion dance, students’ performances, guests’ remarks and fun activity stations in the end. There were approximately three hundred people attended this historical event.

Lincoln Chinese Academy is dedicated to learning the Chinese language, cultivating the self-esteem and confidence, appreciating the culture and heritage.

Click for Event Photo

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