2018 Spring Festival Gala — Ticket Reservation


Tick­et reser­va­tions for the 2018 Spring Fes­ti­val Gala are now open! Space is lim­it­ed, please reserve asap by Click­ing Here.

Tick­et (Includ­ing Lunch and Per­for­mance):
Gen­er­al Admis­sion: $18/adult, $7/kid (age 3–12)
LCCA Mem­ber: $12/adult, $5/kid (Valid mem­ber­ship till 12/2018). Click here to join LCCA now: Mem­ber­ship

Time: 12:00pm on 2/17/2018
Loca­tion: 2200 Pine Lake Rd, Lin­coln, NE 68512

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Welcome to Lincoln Chinese Cultural Association

The Lin­coln Chi­nese Cul­tur­al Asso­ci­a­tion (LCCA) is a non-prof­it orga­ni­za­tion in Lin­coln Nebras­ka. It is com­mit­ted to pro­vid­ing social, civic and com­mu­ni­ty edu­ca­tion­al ser­vices to its mem­bers and the broad­er Lin­coln com­mu­ni­ty. It strives to pro­mote Chi­nese cul­tur­al her­itage and mutu­al under­stand­ing among all races and eth­nic groups in the com­mu­ni­ty.

Join LCCA! Our events are large­ly sup­port­ed by mem­ber­ship fees, $25 for a fam­i­ly mem­ber­ship and $15 for an indi­vid­ual. We also wel­come dona­tions, which are tax deductible. Mem­ber­ship fee and dona­tions can be mailed to LCCA, 9305 Raven­wood Lane, Lin­coln, NE 68526 along with your name, home address and email.

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LCCA Law Seminar

LCCA, ACCC, and Voic­es Of Hope will host a law sem­i­nar at 1:00pm on 1/28/2018 at Lin­coln Chi­nese Acad­e­my. We have invit­ed lawyer Mr. Peng Li, and Mr. Huang Guan­glu, Chi­nese inter­preter at Fed­er­al Court of Jus­tice of the Fed­er­al Depart­ment of Jus­tice and the Supreme Court of Nebras­ka State, to hold a sem­i­nar on legal knowl­edge and case analy­sis. Peng will also answer ques­tions about the Busi­ness, Fam­i­ly, and Immi­gra­tion laws. Loca­tion: 1333 N 33rd St, Lin­coln, NE.

在一般人来看,华人犯罪率在美国是最小比率的一个族裔,特别是在中部地区。正是因为这个概念加上对法律的淡漠意识,通常我们会因为一句话一个下意识动作在不经意间触法,然后又会因为法律知识的贫乏而不知所措,耽误最佳寻求帮助的时候,或者完全不知道在哪和如何得到帮助。这就是我们华裔现实生活中一个很实际的现状。为了更好地帮助林肯华人特别是有孩子的家庭了解现实生活中最基本最常见的法律法规,提高自我保护和家庭保护的意识和能力,更有效地预防触及法律和寻求帮助,华协,亚协及Voices Of Hope将联合华人律师李鹏和联邦司法部联邦法院及本州最高法院中文翻译黄光禄先生一起共同举办法律知识普及和华人犯罪案例分析讲座,李鹏律师还将解答大家对移民和家庭法法律方面的问题。时间:1/28周日下午1:00,地址: 华协中文学校,1333 N 33rd St, Lin­coln, NE。更多有关讲座详情,请联系华协黄爱琴或亚洲中心叶子

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2018 Spring Festival Gala — Program

LCCA will host the 2018 Spring Fes­ti­val Gala on Feb­ru­ary 17th. This is the first time that LCCA hold our own Spring Fes­ti­val Gala and we hope this par­ty will make every­one feel the warmth and pas­sion of the com­mu­ni­ty and leave an unfor­get­table mem­o­ry for every­one. The pro­gram team is prepar­ing for it right now!

To encour­age every­one to par­tic­i­pate in the gala, we has start­ed a pro­gram, Spring Fes­ti­val Gala — We Want You. If you would like to per­form for the gala, singing a song for the pro­gram “Clas­sic Movie Song”, please send us your record­ed audio clip to due by 1/26/2018. The pro­gram direc­tor will con­tact you with fur­ther infor­ma­tion once the clip sub­mit­ted. Please join us!

大家好, 林肯华协将于2月17日举办春节联欢晚会. 这是林肯华协第一次举办自己的春晚, 我们希望这台晚会能让大家感受到家庭的温暖和浓浓的热情, 并给大家留下难以忘怀的记忆, 节目组正在紧张有序的筹划准备中. 为了鼓励大家积极参与到我们这个大家庭的活动中来, 为了艺海拾珠, 我们特意举办了《我要上春晚》这样一个春晚节目召集活动, 主要是为歌曲类节目《经典影视歌曲串烧》来做征选. 如果您认为自己哪部影视作品的主题曲或插曲唱的很有味道, 无论影视作品是早期还是现代作品, 任何国家的影视作品都可以, 任何国家的朋友我们都欢迎, 那就请录制一段您演唱的影视歌曲音频(可有伴奏也可清唱)发来我们节目组 歌曲投递截止时间是1/26/2018, 我们会请专家做出最公正的评选, 然后尽早通知您, 以便您有足够的时间准备伴奏及其他演出事宜. 如果您有兴趣如果您有热情参与到2018华协春晚, 那么就请来加入我们吧! — 华协春晚节目组

If you have not reg­is­tered or renewed the 2018 mem­ber­ship yet, please refer to the link:

Thanks for your sup­port!

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2018 LCCA Membership Registration

LCCA Mem­ber­ship for the year of 2018 is now open for reg­is­tra­tion or renew­al. LCCA events are large­ly sup­port­ed by mem­ber­ship fees and dona­tions. Your con­tri­bu­tion will direct­ly impact the expe­ri­ence of our ser­vices. Because of you, LCCA has made the great­est com­mu­ni­ty ser­vice pos­si­ble, for that, we offer our sin­cere thanks!

To register/renew 2018 Mem­ber­ship, please fol­low the link to our web­site and click the Pay­Pal but­ton to com­plete the reg­is­tra­tion online:

2018 LCCA Annu­al Meet­ing will be held at noon on Feb­ru­ary 17th, togeth­er with pres­i­dent elec­tion, dur­ing the Spring Fes­ti­val Gala event. The can­di­dates must be active LCCA mem­bers dur­ing 02/2017 — 12/2018. You can rec­om­mend your­self or some­one else by send­ing an email to lcca@live.com. Such an email must be received by Feb­ru­ary 10th, 2018 in order to be con­sid­ered as a can­di­date. Please include your name, expe­ri­ence in serv­ing the com­mu­ni­ty (in any capac­i­ty) and a short state­ment on why you think you or the per­son you rec­om­mend will be a good leader lead­ing the LCCA. Meet­ing Loca­tion: Scott Mid­dle School, 2200 Pine Lake Rd, Lin­coln, NE.

Thanks for your sup­port! LCCA wish­es you a hap­py new year!

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Starry Night Christmas Tree Festival

Invit­ed by Peo­ple City Mis­sion, LCCA will par­tic­i­pate in the Star­ry Night Christ­mas Tree Fes­ti­val. There will be pro­grams per­form­ing by stu­dents from Lin­coln Chi­nese Acad­e­my. “A fam­i­ly, friend­ly event to ben­e­fit the People’s City Mis­sion. There will be design­er-dec­o­rat­ed Christ­mas trees, pic­tures with San­ta, free Hol­i­day Treats, Children’s Work­shops, and Live Enter­tain­ment. Mobile bid on trees, pur­chase wreaths, cen­ter­pieces, and raf­fle tick­ets!” by PCM.

Lin­coln Chi­nese Acad­e­my show time: 2:45pm — 3:00pm on Sat­ur­day, 11/25/2017

林肯华协中文学校应Peo­ple City Mis­sion邀请, 将参加11月25日星期六Starry Night Christ­mas Tree Fes­ti­val, 整个活动从这天早上9点一直到晚上8点. 华协中文学校表演的时间是下午2:45–3点. 欢迎大家踊跃参与, 为表演的学生们加油!
门票为每人$5, 家庭pass$20, 两岁以下儿童免费. 再次欢迎大家的参与, 并预祝您感恩节快乐!

More Info: https://pcmlincoln.org/starry-nights/

Hap­py Thanks­giv­ing!

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